Hard Head Veterans Helmet Scholarships-Scholarships for Law Enforcement & Skilled Trades

Originally Written • Heardheadvetrans.com ATE Ballistic Helmet Scholarships – Hard Head Veterans Are you passionate about building a rewarding career in law enforcement or a skilled trade? Hard Head Veterans is […]

Appointment/Election: Adam Garcia

Originally Written • July 5, 2023 • University of Nevada, Las Vegas- News Center Adam Garcia | University of Nevada, Las Vegas (unlv.edu) Adam Garcia (University Police Services, Southern Command) has […]

Suicide Exposure in Law Enforcement Officers

Originally Written • February 2023 • Julie Cerel, PhD, for SAFLEO Issue Brief Series 2 – Suicide Exposure in Law Enforcement Officers – Resource Details – SAFLEO “I carry it […]

How to Help Your Law Enforcement Loved One.

Originally Written • January 2023 • Blake Jones, PHD, Julie Cerel, PHD for SAFLEO https:/safleo.org/ Law enforcement officers are often reluctant to seek mental health treatment for a variety of […]

A letter to the American public: Cops are people too

Originally Written • October 25, 2022 • by Nicholas Greco IV, MS, BCETS, CATSM, FAAETShttps://www.police1.com/ I recently attended and presented at the annual conference of the Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Association […]

Stopping Officer Suicides

Originally Written • March 12, 2020 • by Doug Wylliehttps://www.policemag.com/546255/stopping-officer-suicides In January, POLICE reported the tragic news that in 2019, more American law enforcement officers reportedly died by suicide than those who died […]

UW-Eau Claire research aims to improve police officers’ health, quality of life

Originally Written • February 11, 2019 • by Judy Berthiaume https://www.wisconsin.edu/all-in-wisconsin/story/uw-eau-claire-research-aims-to-improve-police-officers-health-quality-of-life/ The Eau Claire Police Department is making a significant change to how officers carry their equipment after a UW-Eau Claire […]