Appointment/Election: Adam Garcia

Originally Written • July 5, 2023 • University of Nevada, Las Vegas- News Center

Adam Garcia | University of Nevada, Las Vegas (

Adam Garcia (University Police Services, Southern Command) has been selected to serve on the Nevada Police Foundation Board of Directors. The foundation provides support to law enforcement officers and their families in times of need such as the death of an officer and subsequent assistance to the family, a major medical incident that results in a serious financial burden to the officer, or other major incidents not avoidable by an officer that result in another financial burden to the officer’s family. In addition, the foundation takes action to protect, restore, and preserve the unique history of Nevada State peace o­fficers. Specifically, in collaboration with the National Automobile Museum, the foundation assist in maintaining the history of Nevada law enforcement as seen through its automotive heritage and shares this history with the public through exhibits, static displays, car shows, and parades.